Company Terms:
  • Please call to schedule your party 3-6 weeks in advance of your desired party date. We will do our best to accommodate any date request, however, the earlier the better for a smoother planning process. We will hold your requested party date for 24hrs at no obligation to you, once a Quote has been submitted to you. After the 24hrs have passed we will not be able to guarantee your requested date and time and Storybook Character will still be available without the deposit. Your deposit will secure your reservation.


  • Once the deposit has been received, date, time and Storybook character can NOT be changed/swapped for another.

  • Late Bookings: Parties scheduled within 7 days of the party will be subject to a late booking fee of $20. 


  • Holiday Bookings: Parties scheduled on a holiday and Holiday weekends will be subject to a non-refundable holiday fee of $25 per character visit. 

  • All deposits are non-refundable.  If you need to postpone your party, you may postpone once. We will gladly work with you to find an alternate party date for your consideration. If you choose to cancel less than 7 days prior to the scheduled party date, full payment paid is forfeited.


  • CHECKS are NOT accepted. 


  • Due to the case of inclement weather, additional travel time and travel fee may be required. Should the roads be too hazardous to travel OUATP has the right to cancel and a one-time alternate date can be chosen if the date is available.  If you decide you want to cancel and not reschedule a $40* restocking fee will apply. 


  • The duration of a Princess, Storybook Character or Superhero must be the minimum time it will take for the performer to reach the party destination. Example: If we have to travel 1 Hour 30 Min. The minimum stay would have to be 1 Hour 30 Minutes. 


  • The remaining balance MUST be paid prior to the scheduled party date, as you and the Royal Attendant, you booked your party with have agreed upon. If remaining balance is not received on or before the due date provided, a late charge equal to 3% of the total amount due, per-day will be added to the balance. Checks are NOT accepted for final payment.  


  • RSVP Confirmation: Please contact us no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled party date, to confirm your final guest count. This will be the number we use to determine appropriate quantities for  favors, crafts, and will be charged accordingly. 


  • Gratuity is not included, However, all of our cast member and employee work extremely hard to make your royal celebration one to remember. You are getting the best in the business and this small token of appreciation lets everyone know, you are thankful for the hard work they put into your celebration. We will offer a recommended percentage of the total package price for both the Storybook Character and his/her assistant. If you would like it included in your bill, we can do so with prior notice. If you should forget on the day of and would like us to bill you afterward, please advise. We can accommodate this anyway you so choose. 





Party Terms:
  • The package price is for the number of participating children plus the birthday child*, for the total number of guest included in a package. There will be an additional charge for each child beyond the package total.  Additional charge per child varies depending on the package, please ask for all package details. *Additional charge for state tax and possible travel fee will apply on the final bill in addition to the Package Price. 


  • If less than the number of children (this includes the birthday child) attend the party, you will still be charged the regular package price.  No exceptions, please. 



  • Our parties are packed with fun and follow a schedule.  Guests who arrive late may join the party at whatever point the party has progressed to.  For example, if the guests have already completed makeup and hair and have started dancing, the late guest will skip makeup and hair and join in the dancing.  


  • Please read this section very carefully: Our Storybook Character performers will travel to any location in ORANGE County, NY, and the surrounding area: The first 10 miles from New Windsor, NY are FREE. However, any parties located between 16-30 miles from our OUATP castle a per mile round trip fee will apply. Distance is calculated from our home base "Castle" using GoogleMaps.  Anything over 30 Miles are considered outside of city limits "Out Of Town" and a transportation fee will apply and are booked on a case by case basis please call for pricing. This fee will be calculated on the final bill. 


  • A $40*/15 minutes or $80*/30 minutes service charge will be applied for overtime.  NOTE: The Present opening is NOT an included activity with our parties.  However, if the opening presents is an important activity for the birthday child, please advise when booking and we will make every effort to include at the end of the party if time allows.


  • All Storybook Princesses and Characters require a Lady in Waiting or an assistant that will come to the scheduled party and assist with any activities as well as assist the Storybook Princess or character, for a smoother running celebration.

  • We are not responsible for bad behaviors and uncooperative children. We kindly ask that you monitor and attend to any child that does not want to participate so we can provide the best party experience for the rest of your guests.


Once Upon A Tea Party Fairytale Princess Parties New York, Princess Party services all of Orange county New York and Hudson Valley areas. Cities of service include but are not limited to:New Windsor, Newburgh, Cornwall along with Balmville and Beaver Dame Lake. Some areas may have a travel fee. Princess tea party with princess visit and princess entertainment in Orange County, princess parties NY, princess party hudson valley, princess party entertainment New Windsor, princess parties orange county, princess party characters for birthdays in hudson valley, Princess party entertainment New Windsor, princess party, hudon valley princess party character. princess visit for birthday parties in New Windsor, Newburgh, Cornwall, washintonville, goshen, monroe princess parties, princess parties chester, princess birthday party orange county, princess party New Windsor NY princess parties, princess characters in New Windsor, princess party hudson valley ny, orange county ny princess parties, princess entertainers New Windsor, NY, Hudson Valley, NY princess parties, princess parties in New York, princess characters for birthdays in New Windsor,Middletown princess parties, princess entertainment New Windsor NY, central valley NY princess parties, princess characters in wallkill NY, New Windsor NY princess party, princess characters New Windsor NY, Pine Bush NY princess parties, New York princess party characters, New York princess parties, Princess party entertainers in Vails Gate NY, princess for birthday in hudson valley NY, New WIndsor princess parties, princess party characters New York, princess party New York We Service the following areas and zip codes. princess party entertainment Orange County  zip codes for princess birthday parties 12550,10924,12518,10958,12577,10988,10915,10959,12584,10950,10918,10916,10926,10917,10933,10932,10981,12553,12549,10925,10998,10922,10914,10985,10997,10990,10992,10928,12520,10969,10975,10910,12551,12771,10930,10921,12575,10919,10953,10912,12552,10941,10996,10987,10973,12746,10979,10949,12555

Company Policies:
  • The pictures and videos we take: Your child's safety and well-being are incredibly important to us, therefore we do not share any personal information about you or your child. Pictures may be posted here on this site and posted on our Social Media pages. When you sign our contract, it contains a clause giving us permission to utilize your child's image (and image/video ONLY no other information is shared).  If you would like to opt out of this, please let us know BEFORE signing the contract so that we may provide you with a modified version. 


  • Liability: Once Upon A Tea Party, its owner and employees assume no responsibility or liability for accidents, allergies related to food items, clothing, or makeup, injuries to the party guest, or property damage.  As professional event planners, we can assure you we will provide a safe and entertaining environment for your guests and will treat your home like a "Royal Palace".


  • Damage: We understand that accidents can happen, however, the client may be held responsible for the excessive damage sustained to costumes and property of Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC.

  • Other Considerations: Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC allows you to plan the food menu yourself. For purposes of maintaining the highest quality of our costumes, we kindly ask that any food and beverage that will be served to the children while in costume be approved beforehand. Beverages should be light-colored or clear (no cola products or fruit punch) and no food containing tomatoes, tomato sauce, dark jellies, or blue icing on ice cream cakes. We reserve the right to refuse certain foods items that may damage our costumes. Please let us know beforehand what food items you would like to serve. Although we understand accidents may happen, the client may be held responsible for excessive damage to Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC property.


  • Party Planning Consultation: We want every party to be Spectacular! Each of our party packages includes an "Initial Consultation" which provides 30 Minutes of party planning time with one of our professional event planners. This is your opportunity to learn what the party entails and what options/add-ons are available. Any further consultation will take place after you have officially "booked" your party (meaning both your reservation and retainer have been received). Should you find you would like more than the initial consultation and final party review, the rate is $35/hour with a one-hour minimum. 

  • Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC strives to provide a quality, authentic experience for your party, however, we do not claim to be "professionals" in the field of cosmetics. Spa services are not performed by a licensed cosmetologist and are for entertainment purposes only. We offer "mini" manicured and pedicures that do not include cutting or filing and does not resemble the work of a trained and licensed nail technician.  Our performance is done in a simple and "fun" manner. 

  • Client Obligation: The client is responsible for providing the following;

    • Safe, clean, area for activities

    • Gathering space for parents or the guest if they decide to stay for the duration of the party.

    • Please have the parent of the Princess of honor remain at the party at all times.

  • Client Terms & Agreement: By signing our Party Agreement, the client agrees to hold and keep harmless Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC, its agents and employees from any and all property damages and/or bodily injury damage caused by the clients guest, or any other person attending the party.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice. For all packages, a gratuity is NOT automatically added to the total bill. Our entire Royal Staff works extremely hard to make your Royal Celebration one to remember,  gratuity is very much appreciated.

  • Please Note: Be rest assured that we use all necessary hygiene practices. All of our hair implements/spa items are cleaned and disinfected before and after each guest/party. We use barbicide and anti-bacterial products.


Additional Terms & Conditions

Upon Booking AGREEMENT
Agreeing to the Terms & Conditions it serves as a binding agreement between Host (Customer) and Planner (Once Upon A Tea Party).  I the host, on behalf of myself, and parent/legal guardian of the child, knowingly and freely assume all such risk, both know and unknown. The Host desires to have her / his child's birthday party at the provided address on this document, and hire Once Upon A Tea Party for the package of choice stated on this document. 

The Host will pay the planner a total cost including tax and possible travel fee for all services rendered on this document. Remaining payment to Host is due 14 days before the scheduled character visit, the paid retainer is the amount specified, during phone/text or email conversation. Payment must be paid electronically a link will be provided via email. If the remaining balance is not paid within 14 days of the said date, the Host will be assessed a late charge equal to 3% per day late fee of the total amount due. Once this agreement and retainer are received, date and time can no longer be changed. 

This birthday party contract’s final price is based on the number of guests who attend the party. If this number exceeds the amount indicated in the description of each package, additional per-guest fees will apply.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited around the Storybook character at all times. We kindly ask food and beverage that will be served when the Storybook Character is on party premises, be approved beforehand. Beverages should be light in color or clear and no food containing dyes from food coloring, tomatoes, tomato sauce, or dark jellies. We reserve the right to refuse certain food items around the Storybook Character to maintain the highest quality of our costumes. 


The host shall use supervision in a manner in which adults will not cause interference with the Storybook character's performance.  Adult noise level to be a minimum for performance. activities can be heard for a smooth event. The sole responsibility of the host, guest and/or guest’ parents to supervise younger children and siblings during the visit.

By signing this birthday party contract, you release Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC from any potential liability. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Once Upon A Tea Party and its employees for any damages, loss, allergic reactions, or injury that may occur.
Should any of Once Upon A Tea Party,LLC  property be lost or damaged due to the activities of any of your party’s attendees, you agree to reimburse Once Upon A Tea Party for replacement or repair of said property.


The planner takes precautions for the safety of all that attend and participate in the said visit, which are conducted in a safe and responsible manner.  You agree and understand that Planner cannot guarantee accommodation for each person's specific allergy for cosmetics, face-paint, nail polish, sparkle spray, lotion, body glitter, or spa treatments and assumes no responsibility for allergic reactions. Full responsibility will be on the host upon signing of this document. 


The planner may terminate this agreement based upon any one or more of the following events:

A. Failure of Host to pay the Party Fee or any other charges due hereunder when the same is due;

B. In the case of severe weather or unforeseen circumstances/illness, Once Upon A Tea Party,LLC reserves the right to reschedule your visit.



The client may cancel this Agreement at any time up to 1 day after the signed contract and retainer is received, at no cost to Client other than the retainer. If Client shall elect to so canceling this agreement between 13 and 2 days prior to the Event Date, Client will be charged 100% of the visit cost and any expenses incurred in good faith by Planner in preparation for Storybook Character visit. For cancellations 1 day prior to the visit date, the host will be charged 100% of the party package costs and any expenses incurred by the planner. The host is responsible for and charged per child fee for any guest included in the package.  If the Storybook Entertainer cancels, the vendor will provide a substitute planner/Storybook Entertainer or if one is not available we will reimburse the full amount paid.


I understand that a travel fee will be included in the total amount due, if applicable.

Gratuity is recommended, we kindly request you to pay directly to the performers assistant on the day of. Please hand monies directly to the assistant in a white envelope sealed and discreetly upon departure. We recommend 18%, 20%, or 30% of the total amount paid. We recommended the calculations on the final balance invoice as suggestions. This is only but a suggestion and is always at your discretion. 



Client grants to Planner the right to take photographs and or video of the host, host family, and guest in connection with the above-identified event. Host authorizes Vendor its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.

Host agrees that Planner may use such photographs of Host with or without said name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, social media, advertising, and Web content.


-Storybook character WILL NOT be allowed to perform outside in case of extreme heat & humidity of 83 degrees or warmer and 75% humidity or higher, or cold weather temperature below 55 degrees. Not will the character be able to perform outside after rain, wet surface, water activities, and or bubble machines. The host assumes responsibility or liability to damage caused to character costume.

-If any of Once Upon A Tea Pary property is missing Host will e billed accordingly, liability will lie strictly with the host.

- The planner and Character are not responsible for any children in attendance who are not interested in participating with the character visit. The character will make every effort to include all children in all activities.

-I agree I will abide by Once Upon A Tea Party's timeframe agreed in my booking process. I will not disrupt a performers' start time or delay performers from leaving. If I decide during the visit to have the performer stay longer, I will advise at the beginning of the visit and I will pay &85 for each additional 30 minutes, this will be billed to saved credit card on file.

-I agree I will notify Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC of any unusual traffic conditions that may impact performers' travel. (Parades, sporting events, road construction etc.) I will not hold Once Upon A Tea Party and or performer responsible for tardiness caused by traffic conditions or any other factor outside the control of Once Upon A Tea Party and or staff.

- I agree I am not affiliated with a competitor of Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC including but not limited to the owner, employees, family member, or friend of a competitor. I am not acting on behalf of a competitor and will not use Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC performance/visit and or correspondence to give any information, video, or photographs to a competitor. 

-I agree no to hold Once Upon  A Tea Party, LLC responsible for inclement weather or other acts of God that may cause the cancellation of the visit. 

-I agree that I will make best efforts to keep ambient noise levels low and to make distracting entertainment, including but limited to a bouncy house and swimming pools off-limits - to children during the performance/visit. 

-I agree that there will be no costume character entertainers from companies other than Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC at the event/party without prior written consent from Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC.


  • We are pleased to provide entertainment for your little princess and superheroes! Please note that it is not our intention to violate copyright laws, so we attempt to make our characters different from nationally known, copyrighted characters using uniquely designed gowns, tiaras, hairstyles, and Princesses names of our own creation. 

  • Once Upon A Tea Party, LLC has provided all the policies and terms of service with the assumption that you have read and agree to our policies before signing the Party Agreement.  Please ask for any clarification if there are any questions regarding the above policies before reserving your party.






Once Upon A Tea Party is conveniently brought to your location!

We come from New Windsor, New York or we can host an all-inclusive party at our party venue The Princess Manor


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