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If you have any other questions or need planning advice. please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

  • There are a lot of companies to choose from! Why choose Once Upon A Tea Party?
    1) We work extremely hard to maintain our very strict quality standards on all aspects of your event experience - from the moment you contact us, to the last "goodbye" at the end of your event. 2)We have been awarded multiple times by the public for our services. Our performers are the best of the best and all are professional actors and singers to truly enhance the interaction they will have with you and your guests; Every performer is committed to staying in character from the moment they arrive at your Castle. 3)We believe in the utmost ETHICS and in the golden rules,as well as keeping character integrity standards to the highest. We are saddened that many businesses do not put an emphasis on this, and it is so important. 4)We fully value and respect the people we work with and meet, and trust that this shows in our work and with our longtime clientele and cast members. In addition to only working with the most professional, responsible, multi-talented, and closest matches to the look/sound of the characters being portrayed, we look for performers that have one very important attribute: a kind and good heart. 5)Our interactive story component in our parties encourages guests of all ages to act, sing and dance with our performers. Guests experience a live performance of the story. This special aspect of our parties makes the experience enjoyable for grownups and kids alike. 6)We’ve invested the time, money, and heart into elevating the typical “princess party” model to bring you theme-park quality entertainment. Each event is treated as unique and we will customize an itinerary to meet your needs; Each character will arrive with her Lady In Waiting to help with games, entertaining and set-up. 7)Our clients expect high quality and we will not disappoint. Even though we are a small company, we have the largest amount of activities to choose from for character parties, the largest amount of face characters to choose from and we are actually THE highest-rated and reviewed character entertainment source in Hudson Valley, NY. 8)Most importantly... We have a strong passion for what we do! We love the power of magic and imagination. Innocence and fun are forgotten too easily. We understand how important it is to hold a celebration without stress or worry. We want you to be able to sit back and enjoy as you leave the party to us, and enjoy the memories for years to come.
  • What Can I Expect?
    Expect to be enchanted! Once your guest arrive they will enjoy whatever food you prepare for them. We send two entertainers to every royal celebration- a princess and her Lady-in-Waiting. The Lady-in-Waiting is there to assist the Storybook friend as well as your royal assistant! Please see package details as each package is filled with different activities. The Storybook friend will end her visit serenade everyone with singing Happy Birthday. Before you know it, your Storybook friend has to return to his or her kingdom and is bidding all his or her new friends a fond farewell.
  • How Long Does A Party Last?
    On average a party of 8-15 kids with one character will last one hour. Parties with two or more characters tend to last about an hour and a half to two hours, based on the number of guests. Again, we can adjust the time to fit your needs, to take one last picture, and make that magical memory.
  • Why are your prices higher than other princess party companies?
    Once Upon A Tea Party is Hudson Valley's award winning premier princess entertainment company, and it shows. Here's why: We strive to maintain the highest quality, attire and wigs kept in perfect condition. Hand-selected cast of entertainers who genuinely care about the authenticity of the characters they portray, who are all vocally trained with theater backgrounds. Included in your visit is either a Lady-in-Waiting or a Fairy Godmother-in-training who will assist the Princess and be your correspondent at the royal celebration Our princesses don't read stories-they perform the stories, with LIVE singing and audience participation. Excellent customer service from the beginning stage of planning to completion of your event. While some of our party activities are popular with other companies (i.e. facepainting, etc.) - we have original and unique party formats and customized activities for our characters as well. Our activities are themed to each character, and we strive to include high-quality activities that are unique in nature. For example, our princess characters do not do balloon twist, but focus more on activities befitting of their theme and story (i.e. interactive storytelling, etc.). Our performers are also adept at working with both boys and girls of all ages, and activities are themed for ALL to enjoy. Most importantly! We have a strong passion for what we do!
  • Where will you Park?
    Due to our company standards for character events, our carriages cannot park directly outside of your home or the site of the event. It possible, let us know if parking is available nearby and beforehand, so we can allow for extra time to arrive!
  • Do you work with Charities?
    We are exceedingly happy to do so. We have a "As You Wish Project" service, with a free Storybook Character visit monthly to a child in need or a charity organization. Our As You Wish Project service is based on our belief in giving every little girl the opportunity to enjoy a magical and thrilling experience with his or her favorite Storybook Character. You just have to fill out the form to nominate a child or organization that deserves a lovely and unforgettable day.
  • Princesses are great, but what about if my child has guests that are boys?"
    We want every Princess & Knight to enjoy the festivities, so during the party planning we will be asking how many of each we can expect. We make sure our Knights have just as much fun as our princesses! Our activities are planned to include both boys and girls! Don't forget to ask the Royal Attendant when you are booking your party about this option.
  • Does Once Upon A Tea Party have characters for boys?
    Oh-Yes! We are so excited to announce that we have already started added characters. We are hoping to add more characters and have many ideas. If there are characters that you would like to see, we are interested in suggestions.
  • Do you charge Gratuity?
    No, However, all of our cast member and employee work extremely hard to make your royal celebration one to remember. You are getting the best in the business and this small token of appreciation let's everyone know, you are thankful for the hard work they put into your celebration. We do get asked this question often. So we have tried to make it as east as possible with a few different options to choose from. If you decide you would like to show your appreciation. 1) Cash on the day of your visit 2) Virtual Tip Jar via Paypal on the day of your visit via QR code OR 3) Online on the booking form at check out. ​
  • How many guests should I invite?
    Our entertainment is designed to work best in an intimate setting to assure each child gets valuable time with the Storybook Character. 1 hour appearance- between 8-15 guests 1.5 hour appearance- between 16-20 guests While we don't enforce the suggestions above, if you are expecting more than 20 guests we encourage you to book a second Storybook character to accommodate the large party size, or perhaps our Mix & Mingle package. ​ Please give us a call or text the castle at (888) 492-4415 and a royal attendant will help you plan your event.
  • Can the characters attend an outdoor party or event?
    Yes, parties and events may be held outside. A shaded area is preferred for the performers. If you are holding your event at a park, you must check the weather before hand and make sure rain is not in the forcast and it is not going to be a very humid day. In the event of rain or very humid day, the party must be moved indoors or rescheduled based on availability. This is explained in our agreement form, please read it carefully when booking.
  • How Do You Handle Weather Conditions?
    For the safety of our performers characters WILL NOT be allowed to perform outside in case of extreme heat & humidity of 85 degrees or warmer and 75% humidity or higher, OR cold weather temperature below 55 degrees. If the weather is calling for a HOT/COLD day a text message will be sent the morning of the scheduled event to advise IF the character can be outside for the duration of the visit. Also, to take into consideration, Character will not be able to perform outside after rain, and if the surface is wet. Due to the nature of the expensive handmade gowns and costumes.
  • What if We Have a Pool Party?
    We kindly ask that any and all water activities, and or bubble machines. As these can damage our expensive handmade gowns and costumes. We ask that the character performers will need a dry area free of mud and dirt. The host assumes responsibility or liability to damage caused to character costume if percussion is not taken.

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